Balsamic Strawberry Broccoli Salad


This simple broccoli salad has the works! Broccoli, bacon, salty feta, fresh strawberries, juicy grapes, and cashews covered in a creamy balsamic poppyseed dressing. Quick, easy, and makes great leftovers. A few weeks ago I made this salad as a last minute dinner and it was  amazing, as all of my recipes I don’t take […]


The Best Homemade Bloody Mary Ever


  There is nothing that quite goes with brunch like sunshine, beautiful morning air and a delicious Bloody Mary.  We don’t go for the old classic, traditional Bloody Mary around here.  We like show-stopping Bloody Mary’s that are so delicious that you will be talking about that special drink for days!  We have just that […]


Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzel Bites with Nutella Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce


Chewy, soft pretzel bites coated in cinnamon sugar and dunked in a Nutella cream cheese dip. This is my new favorite way to eat Nutella! If a bag of pretzels and a jar of Nutella on the couch on a Saturday night catching up on all of your most recent DVR recordings wasn’t enough… enter […]


4-Ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Meat Sauce.


 Simply delicious and extremely quick and easy! Only 4 ingredients required to make this super delicious pasta sauce. This recipe came about one night when we were trying to spice up a jar of store bought marinara sauce. Well actually, Mark Jr. was begging us to make my mom’s spaghetti. That spaghetti sauce is definitely […]


Skinny Homemade Guacamole.


This is one deliciously addictive, yet healthy guacamole. It’s all in the secret ingredient – Edamame! This Skinny Guacamole is so flavorful and creamy, you’ll go nuts for it. The best part? It’s healthier than your average guacamole – it tastes just like regular guacamole without all the calories! Boo yeah baby! And it’s super delicious. […]


Homemade Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.


The one and only homemade vanilla cupcake recipe you will ever need topped with a crazy delicious fudge-like chocolate frosting. You’ll find every excuse to make this classic cupcake over and over again! As you may already know, I LOVE cupcakes. And I have definitely eaten my share of cupcakes. But THESE cupcake might just be […]


5-Ingredient Pesto Chicken Stuffed Peppers


Charred bell peppers, shredded chicken, herb pesto, cooked quinoa, and melty cheese. A quick and easy 5-ingredient weeknight dinner – it’s packed with flavor and it’s healthy, too! Are you ready for this? A five ingredient , YES, five ingredient, quick, easy, delicious dinner. School is right around the corner and we are all about […]

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